What is this service for?
As much as we love to spend time with our children, trying to work through individual spelling lists with multiple children every night can really stretch the available time after school. This service aims to help by allowing children to do some of their spelling practise on the computer to free up time for other more fun family activities. (Such as mowing the lawns, unstacking the dishwasher and picking up laundry)
These are online tests - won't children just cheat?
We do our best to stop cheating. We are pretty successful at this.
Can you really stop children from cheating on the tests?
If you're not watching your child taking the test, then the simple answer is that we can't. If they have a dictionary, they can just look up the words and type them in. If they have google open, they can ask google how to spell the word. What we can do is make it as hard as possible for them to cheat.
How do you make it hard for them to cheat?
We take a multi-pronged approach to this. The most important thing is that we have developed a unique method of capturing the child's answers to the question. This immediately rules out the two easiest ways of cheating - copying and pasting the answer from google (or anywhere), and relying on the browsers autocomplete/autocorrect functionality. To get the answer into the system, the child has to type it in letter by letter - even if they are copying the answer from elsewhere they can't help but learn as they type it in.
Why do you need to create an account?
To be able to save your child's test scores and view their past results. Over time our software learns which words your child needs to work on and it will concentrate on these words. Without an account this wouldn't be possible. However, the accounts are 100% free, there is no annoying email address verification, and they don't even require an email address.
I've found a bug!
If you have found a bug, or have any issues, problems or comments, then please contact us. (And you know that wasn't a question right?)
Are these questions really frequently asked?
I have a question - can I contact you?
Sure - you can email us here
You know you have spelling mistakes on this site right?
I hope not. That would be embarrassing!
I'm a teacher - I would love to use this service for my class/school. Is this possible?
Sure! You can direct your children to this site and they can use it for free. However, we also offer a special package for schools that allows you to have your own domain, create private spelling lists just for your use, and to monitor the progress of everyone enrolled at your school. Contact us for more details!