Learning2Spell came about when my children needed to do spelling every day after school.

Sometimes this went smoothly, other times it could drag out as children struggled to find their spelling books and spelling list. Sometimes it became a sort of writing test as well when a word was written too messy to read.

All this time could easily add up to an hour or more each week - time we could have spent doing more interesting things!

Learning2Spell aims to take care of part of the problem by making sure all your child needs to do for their spelling homework is just sit down and go.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Random Musings?

We'd love to hear them! You can contact us here.

Smart Software

Our software adapts to your child's learning pace. Given a list of words, we learn the words your child is struggling with and concentrate on these.

Reliable Results

We try to keep kids honest - they can't copy and paste answers or rely on their web browsers built-in spelling suggestions and corrections.

Quality Audio

Quality spoken audio is essential for an online spelling test.

We use the highest quality text-to-speech software we could find.

Example audio for: 'elephant'